January 18, 2019

Learning BOSH: Deploying Web Application

Welcome to my Learning BOSH diary: Getting Started Deploying Nginx Deploying Web Application (you are here) In this post we will add a web application to our deployment. Last time we created a release to deploy Nginx using BOSH. Nginx has pretty simple config though - it is responding to any request with 200 OK and static greeting. return 200 "\nKia Ora!\n"; Follow the steps here in order to recreate what we have done (in case you took down your environment). Read more

December 21, 2018

Learning BOSH: Deploying Nginx

Welcome to my Learning BOSH diary: Getting Started Deploying Nginx (you are here) Deploying Web Application In this post we will start to describe our deployment and create a BOSH release to deploy Nginx. What is a BOSH deployment? The highest level concept of BOSH is the “deployment” of a system. The purpose of BOSH is to continuously run one or more deployments. I want to start with a simple deployment - load balancer routing requests to a web app. Read more

December 20, 2018

Learning BOSH: Getting Started

I have been interested in CloudFoundry (and later in BOSH) since VMware’s very first announcement back in 2011 and during the years have been following a lot of related resources, like for example Stark and Wayne’s blog. Finally found some time and decided to switch away from this read only mode and actually get my hands dirty and try to do some stuff with BOSH. I will try to keep track of my learning and findings in series of posts. Read more

November 26, 2018

Debugging Connectivity with tcpdump and Wireshark

This one is more of a note to myself and something I google every time I need to debug connectivity issues. When you want to get tcpdump capture in a file and then look at it in Wireshark run the following command on the host you are trying to connect from (and of course change some.host, XYZ and some.file with the values relevant to your case): sudo tcpdump -i any -n host some. Read more

November 23, 2018

ActiveRecord on a Leash

Rails’ ActiveRecord gives you great power and as we all know with such comes great responsibility. Just inheriting from ApplicationRecord unlocks a huge interface at your disposal and it is very easy to fell into a trap and find yourself using it from everywhere in your application - controllers, views and other models. Over the years I found there is one simple rule that helps me keep it all under control. Read more

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